The Microwave Oven
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Inventions that were found by chance, but completely changed our lives

Inventions are often associated with genius scientists who have been in diligent research and painstaking endeavors in order to achieve them in their laboratories, but in this article will provide you with a group of valuable inventions that resulted through luck and chance. The Microwave Oven In 1945, Percy Spencer, an engineer at Raytheon, was […]

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White Truffles

Can you afford tasting it? The Most Expensive Foods in the World

Food is a necessity for life, but some foods are more expensive than others. In this blog post, we will take a look at the most expensive foods in the world. These foods are not only expensive because of their taste, but also because of their rarity or difficulty to obtain. 1. Almas Caviar Almas […]

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